IS MORTGAGE INSURANCE AFFORDABLE? – Life Insurance Ontario by Smart Term Life Insurance – FAQ

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Life Insurance in Ontario has never been so easy to understand. Term Life does not have to be complicated, call Smart Term Life Insurance in Ontario Today. We are your best choice for Term Life Insurance in Ontario.

Why SmartTerm?
Why choose term life insurance brought to you by SmartTerm? The answer is simple: we have the strength to be there for you to help provide peace of mind for your loved ones.

Our goal is to set a standard that is industry wide. To provide the best of both worlds as a web based corporation with human interaction. To hear what our clients are asking for, to build on this by providing new products at a competitive price with compassion and care. And finally, to make this process easy and transparent. Through the SMARTTERM CALCULATOR, you can simply choose the type of coverage you wish, with the premium you can afford. There is no catch. It is simply put “SMART”.

Our needs analysis calculator will help guide you as to the amount you might require to meet your current and future needs. We provide an extensive description of our products and a toll free number to answer any questions.

You can apply for coverage online, right here, right now in under 5 minutes. Use our
SMARTTERM CALCULATOR now and create a personalized term insurance plan that gives you trusted, low cost coverage for those you care about most.

To learn more about SmartTerm and our range of plans and services
Contact us by calling 1-866-699-TERM (8376) or via email at

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